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Invite us to speak to your Men's Group Breakfast or other gathering to inspire your men through a stories that draw us to biblical manhood and/or to kick off your men's ministry.



Let's build some shared experiences between the men of your Church and do a mini Mancamp on your property typically the late afternoon after a morning breakfast presentation.



3 days/2 Nights of Community Building Intensity between Fathers and their Sons ages 14 and above.

Don't have a son or Do have room in your heart to Apprentice a Son, bring an Orphan son you have in your life and set a clearer bibilical tragectory for him.


Age appropriate Mancamp for Fathers and younger sons.



A ceremonial inauguration into the fuller fellowship of biblical manhood can be a powerful milestone in a young man's life that cements his calling to engage with other men in pursuit of biblical manhood.

Often follows years of a son being mentored by a Father, with the help of other men in his life.

[Each is unique. In preparation, a Son may learn to recite passages in Hebrew and Greek among other things.  The gathering typically includes food and an assortment of faith building activities.  ASK.]

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